Medium-term Business Plan
(Three years from April 2021 to March 2024)

Management Philosophy

Be a source of excitement for customers
and dreams for employees.

Management Vision

Position the digital transformation era as an opportunity for changes and create business value for society and customers and make our business operations even more powerful.

Management Strategies

By using these seven strategies, the COMTURE Group aims for consistent double-digit annual sales growth along with earnings that increase at least at the same pace as sales.

Growth Strategy

The COMTURE Group makes the digital transformation an engine for growth that is centered on operations that generate substantial added value. One goal is raising sales per employee of 5% or higher by strengthening consulting and other upstream activities. Another is increasing the number of orders received by three times by performing highly efficient and effective sales activities. Achieving sustained double-digit growth is the overall objective.

Customer Strategy

The COMTURE Group is focusing on high-quality customers that are making large IT investments in growing market sectors. The goal is the receipt of projects where substantial value can be added. We will use proposal activities for transforming customers’ needs into solutions, identifying customers’ requirements and reinforcing the ability to create proposals for those requirements in order to create innovative ideas with customers.

Human Resources Strategy

The COMTURE Group will utilize artificial intelligence for recruiting activities in order to identify and hire people capable of learning and using new technologies. In addition, we will give people trainings to encourage them to acquire vendor certifications and upgrade capabilities involving proposals and technologies, in order to build a workforce that can maintain a high rate of growth.

Innovation Strategy

To create new forms of value, the COMTURE Group is using collaboration with vendors and the development of new businesses for quickly starting businesses in growing market sectors such as the cloud, big data, artificial intelligence, robotic process automation, blockchain and low-code platforms.

Quality Strategy

The COMTURE Group will refine project management and advance visualization of quality, process and costs to improve the quality of projects and services as well as customer satisfaction.

Financial Strategy

The COMTURE Group aims to maintain high levels of profitability and financial soundness backed by a high ROE and equity ratio based on rapid growth and strong profitability. Also use the visualization of the oversight of performance based on the group’s key performance indicators, such as the consistent improvement of the operating margin, in order to be a company able to maintain growth that is sound and steady.

Alliance Strategy

To grow faster, the COMTURE Group uses business alliances and M&A that can produce synergies as well as create a stronger foundation for business operations centered on growing sectors of digital transformation such as the cloud, big data and artificial intelligence.

Financial Target

Year Fiscal year ended March 2021
Fiscal year ending March 2022
Fiscal year ending March 2024
Average annual growth rate
(April 2020 to March 2024)
Net sales
(millions of yen)
20,868 23,000 28,000 10.3%
Operating income
(millions of yen)
3,150 3,500 4,300 10.9%
Operating margin
15.1% 15.2% 15.4%

Distribution of Earnings to Shareholders

The COMTURE Group is committed to the consistent growth of corporate value by conducting business operations aggressively and making strategic investments.
Based on this stance, the basic policy for earnings distributions is to increase these distributions in a manner that reflects earnings growth while maintaining the level of retained earnings needed for growth in the future and adapting to changes in market conditions. For the dividend, the goal is to make consistent payments while maintaining a payout ratio of at least 45%.