• To Lead the Information Technology in the Cloud and Big Data.
  • To Lead the Information Technology in the Cloud and Big Data.
  • To Lead the Information Technology in the Cloud and Big Data.

LEAD the DIGITAL Revolution

We lead the Digital Revolution by wrestling positively to the new technology
and new field, such as Cloud Computing, Big Data, AI and IoT.

Reduction of the maintenance and
shareholders of high profits

Reduction of the maintenance and shareholders of high profits

ROE 19.5% (2020 ended March 31)

Payout Ratio 46.6% (2020 ended March 31)

Financial Results

A Message to
Shareholders and Investors

Using today’s new age of big data and AI
to create innovative forms of value

Comture Co., Ltd. Chairman of the Board CEO Mukai Kouichi

The COMTURE Group has four business units, all centered on the cloud: groupware solutions, ERP solutions, Web solutions and network services. Since our inception, we have retained a steadfast commitment to adding value, improving productivity, and supplying products and services with exceptional quality. In the fiscal year that ended in March 2019, our sales were up 10.3% to ¥18,070 million and operating income increased 30.6% to ¥2,570 million.
Sales have increased for nine consecutive years. The primary sources of growth are our cloud operations, the expansion of business activities involving financial services, big data and other new technologies, and new businesses such as activities associated with Japan’s social security and tax number system. Operating income has increased for eight consecutive years and reached a record high. One reason is higher sales per employee resulting from relentless initiatives aimed raising added value. The growth of our businesses also contributed to higher earnings.

Constant innovation has been at the core of our growth since we started operations in 1985. Furthermore, we have grown while evolving to meet market needs in each decade of our existence. The first 10 years was our start-up period. In the next 10 years we established our core competences and in the past 10 years we became a publicly owned company. We have added new technologies in response to changes in the economy and major advances in computer technology. Our company has grown consistently as we focused on transforming our customers’ demands into solutions. Everyone at the COMTURE Group is always seeking new challenges. This spirit fuels the growth and advancement of our people and our company.
Higher sales and earnings that result from the growth in added value that we generate are returned to our employees in the form of salary increases. This reinforces their motivation to do what is needed to achieve more growth.

Involvement with the most recent advances in IT is a key element of our activities. The April 2016 we established a company called COMTURE Data Science Corporation as a specialist in the fields of big data and artificial intelligence (AI). This company will use big data of all kinds while working with universities and companies. Enacting reforms and speeding up decision making at client companies is one objective. COMTURE Data Science plans to launch new businesses too. Activities target individuals as well as companies. All these activities are putting the COMTURE Group in a powerful position to meet the expectations of our customers as information technology (IT) becomes an even more integral and vital part of our lives.

Due to rapid progress associated with IT, it is possible to accumulate the massive amounts of data that are generated every second of the day. As a result, there is a continuously increasing variety and volume of data from sources extending from computers to devices linked to the Internet.
Moreover, the ability to analyze and use this data has benefited from advances in the field of AI. This progress will soon lead to the practical use of deep learning and other innovative techniques. Advances in IT will eventually create a “data-driven society (Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry)” in which everything is interlinked by data. The world is in the midst of the fourth industrial revolution. Changes in how businesses operate caused by this revolution will probably make it possible to start businesses by creating new forms of value. The COMTURE Group is looking ahead to the opportunities this new industrial society will spawn. We have a strong commitment to creating new forms of value by constantly taking on the challenge of mastering and using the latest advances in information technology.

We look forward to the continued understanding and support of our shareholders and investors.

Koichi Mukai, Chairman & CEO