Disclosure Policy

1. Basic Policy

Comture Corporation is guided by three core principles: customer satisfaction, employee satisfaction and shareholder satisfaction. A variety of communication activities are used for the timely and proper disclosure of important information about business activities, finances and other subjects. The objective is to give all stakeholders an understanding of the company and earn a proper evaluation.

2. Standards for Information Disclosure

Comture discloses fair and transparent information continuously in accordance with the Financial Instruments and Exchange Act and other laws and regulations, the Tokyo Stock Exchange rules on the timely disclosure of company information by listed companies (the “timely disclosure rules”) and other guidelines.
In addition to the disclosure of information prescribed by laws, regulations and the timely disclosure rules, Comture discloses information that will be useful for giving stakeholders a better understanding of the company.

3. Method of Information Disclosure

Information that is defined as important facts by the timely disclosure rules is disclosed by using the Timely Disclosure Network (TDnet) operated by the Tokyo Stock Exchange, as prescribed in the timely disclosure rules.
In addition to disclosing information required by laws, regulations and the timely disclosure rules, Comture discloses other information promptly by using a method that is consistent with the importance and urgency of the information. All information that is disclosed is posted on the Comture website immediately after disclosure.

4. Quiet Periods

To prevent leaks and ensure the fairness of announcements of results of operations, Comture designates a certain period before these announcements as a quiet period. During this period, Comture will make no comments, answer no questions or provide any other information about results of operations. However, an announcement will be made in accordance with the timely disclosure rules in the event of a significant change during a quiet period in the forecast for results of operations. Even during a quiet period, Comture will respond to questions and other inquiries about information that has already been announced.

5. Forward-Looking Statements

Information disclosed that is not an actual event in the past is a forward-looking statement based on the judgment of management using information that is currently available. These statements incorporate a number of risk factors and uncertainties.
Consequently, actual performance may differ significantly from these verbal or written forward-looking statements due to a change in the business climate and many other reasons.